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Best of Weddings 2017

Unfading Beauty Photography’s 2017 Best of Weddings in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

A few months ago someone asked me why I love photographing weddings. They went on and said, is it because you love being around all the pretty wedding stuff all day long? I’m one to always respond right away, I love having meaningful conversations with people. But with this question, I had to think for a second. I don’t love photographing weddings because of the pretty wedding stuff, I love photographing weddings because I love marriage.

Marriage is the perfect way two people can come together. You can laugh and argue within 10 minutes but you know that that person sitting in front of you will ALWAYS be your person. It is waking up everyday and choosing to love your spouse more than you did yesterday, and more than you love yourself. Being married is having inside jokes no one gets, it’s chilling on the couch and watching Netflix until 2 am fully aware that you both need to wake up at 6:30 am. Marriage is comforting and lifting your spouse up when they feel overwhelmed. Marriage is dance parties in the kitchen because you just got the best news. But my favorite thing about marriage, having your best friend next to you through whatever life throws at you, good times or hard times. And that’s why I love photographing weddings. Because I get to be part of the first day of their marriage and it’s the biggest honor any client could give me.

Along with all the weddings I photographed I was able to also photograph an NYC Anniversary Session as well as a 25TH ANNIVERSARY session! 😍 So happy to have captured those two sessions as well! And with that, I give you some of my favorites from all of the 2017 weddings!

I’m going to start with this Hyatt Resort And Spa at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mark and Madalina were such a beautiful couple, and the venue and wedding were breathtaking!

Christian and Miranda’s wedding at the Prayer Pavilion at the Dream City Church in Phoenix was so touching. From their first prayer before walking down the aisle to all the sweet toasts, it was one of my favorites for sure!  

Mike and Dana’s 25th Anniversary Session was so so sweet! I was really nervous about posing a couple that’s been married for so long, but their session became one of my favorite session’s I’ve photographed.

Chad and Nicole’s Beach Wedding in Rocky Point, Mexico was one of the most fun wedding I’ve ever photographed!

Sean and Miranda’s wedding at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona was so special to me since Sean was this little freshman in high school and now he’s 2 heads taller than me! Their coral and gold wedding was stunning!!!Traditional Coral and Gold Wedding at The Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona by Unfading Beauty Photography

I always like to give my couples 2-3 minutes during portraits for themselves. Either to practice their dance and just let it sink that its their wedding day!!!

I photographed Michael and Taylor’s wedding in summer of 2016 before they moved to New York. So when she found out I’ll be in NYC in the summer nearing their first anniversary, she made sure she books their anniversary session. I love all their photos from their session, considering the day of the shoot, Central Park was filled with runners due to the marathon that was running through it. 

Jamie and Adina’s wedding was so sweet! JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort and Spa was the perfect backdrop for their portraits!

Cristian and Adina’s wedding was so classy and modern and I feel so honored to have captured their wedding. Their first look was so emotional I’m 100% sure everyone was crying!  That veil!!!!  Such beautiful decor! (Uplighting for the win!!!!)

I was and still am obsessed with her bouquet!!

Chris and Ashley’s Sedona Golf Resort was just perfect! Y’all, if you ever want to have a private small wedding, SEDONA IS THE PLACE!!! Those bracelets were amazing!

Who doesn’t love suculents???

Check out those Sedona Red mountains!

Christian & Jackie’s wedding was so sweet and romantic. Filled with love, joy and so much emotion!!!

Gama and Naraida’s wedding at the Noah’s Event was perfect! Rained all morning and it stopped just in time for their wedding day!!! It was so great photographing a Christian Hispanic wedding, as it was so similar to Romanian weddings. 

Ronald and Miriam’s Wedding in Phoenix Arizona was so memorable for me since I’ve been so, so close to Miriam for over 10 years now. Like think Middle School! She’s the last out of our smal group to get married and it was definitely a celebration! Miss you Miri!!  

Here’s some more favorites from all the weddings!!!   


  1. Kayla Grey says:

    Stunning work Veronica! So many gorgeous weddings!!! Love the first brides dress!

  2. Stella says:

    Stunning!!! Your year was filled with GORGEOUSNESS lady!!

  3. Beautiful tribute to marriage! I love the one of the couple praying before the ceremony and the foot washing!

  4. Renee says:

    Ahhh, Veronica! These images are breathtaking!! WOW – Oh my goodness!

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A lot of moving pieces go into making sure you have all your bridal details photographed without being bombarded with questions on your wedding day. Grab our free guide for a stress free wedding day.